Animated Number Counters

[highlight bgcolor=”#1e73be” text_color=”#ffffff” type=”highlight1″]Parameters for the Accordion[/highlight]
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Fontawesome Icon: Choose the Icon you wish to use
Icon Color: Milestone Icon color
Milestone: Type the number that display on the counter.
Milestone Speed: Type the speed ( e.g: 1000 to 10000).
Subject Text: Type the text if you wish to display title on the counter.
Milestone Color: Background color for milestone box
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[one_fourth][counter icon_style=”fa-user” datato=”22000″ data_speed=”1000″ counter_title=”Overall Buyers & Counting”][/one_fourth]
[one_fourth][counter icon_style=”fa-life-ring” datato=”12500″ data_speed=”1000″ counter_title=”Support Threads Resolved”][/one_fourth]
[one_fourth][counter icon_style=”fa-road” datato=”2700″ data_speed=”1000″ counter_title=”Envato Followers & Counting”][/one_fourth]
[one_fourth_last][counter icon_style=”fa-star” datato=”3856″ data_speed=”1000″ counter_title=”Ratings, Feedbacks & Counting”][/one_fourth_last]