March Gladne$$ 2021

To create a spirited yet competitive tournament whereby selected churches and non-profits compete for donations in the month of March, to help pour into and strengthen your organization internally.
Your organization keeps 100% of the proceeds!

Why we think this is important.

  1. COVID has hurt donations, almost everywhere AND people are looking for positive ways to work TOGETHER.
  2. People will give more if they are asked.
  3. People are competitive and want to WIN.

The contest will run through the entire month of March. Four ways YOU can give;

  1. Cash Donations & On-line Giving (Offering)
  2. Thrivent Action Teams
  3. Thrivent Choice
  4. Special Gifts (i.e. check written specifically for this contest or any funds raised from a Thrivent Action Team)


One of our financial professionals will be your dedicated “coach” to help empower your leadership, motivate your existing Thrivent members and educate others on the benefits of working with Thrivent.

We recognize this as a WIN, WIN, WIN! As we help more families gain financial clarity those same families will have more resources to pour into your organization.

The Players

“coach” = Financial Professional
“team captain” = Pastor/Director
“team” = Church or Non-Profit Partner

What is at stake…THE PRIZE

  1. New members to YOUR church/organization = more resources for YOUR organization
  2. Helping YOUR church/organization with education & fundraising to get into surplus
  3. Recognition of resources…inspiring existing AND prospective members to utilize the resources available from our company for YOUR church/org
  4. Bragging rights

Thanks so much and GAME ON!!