Children’s Care Ministry

Who is this for?

Newborn to 2nd grade

What is it?

Children’s Care consists of 4 parts which strive to provide parents and children with opportunities for faith development:

  1. Nursery provides the opportunity for parents of newborns to 3 years old to drop their children off with a volunteer. Parents are welcome to pick their child up whenever they wish and will be given a pager by the nursery volunteer in case the parent needs to notified to come back to the nursery.
  2. Children’s Church, it is meant for preschoolers to 2nd graders during the sermon to hear the message at their level. They children have an object lesson to help them better grasp the lesson along with other activities.
  3. Buddy Bags are provided to all newborns to 2nd graders who want them. They are meant to help keep the child’s attention during the service. This way parents do not have to bring toys or coloring books from home, instead the church provides them.
  4. Cradle Role is a milestone ministry that engaged families with children from newborn to 3 years of age.  Monthly newsletters are set with ideas of how to do faith development in the home along with milestone gifts to mark special occasions.  

Where is it held?

Nursery, Children’s Church and the Buddy Bags are in the church building.  Cradle Role comes via email and gifts can be picked up at church.  If you have a child in this age rang but do not receive the newsletter please contact person know.  

When can I go?

The Nursery can be found in our Early Learning Center wing.  If for some reason a volunteer is not in the room, it might be because of a shift change but don’t worry someone will be in shortly!
Children’s Church happens during the sermon in the middle of the church services, both 8:30am & 11am, on Sunday morning.
The Buddy Bags are available at all three services at any point in time, just ask an usher if you need help locating them.

Who can I contact?

Tiffany Manning @

Most activity takes place on St. Luke’s campus located at 4801 Anderson Ave in Manhattan.