New Member Class


Our New Member Class, also known as our Inquirer’s Class, is taught twice a year by Pastor Schmidt.  There are six sessions each lasting 90 minutes.  The class meets on Sundays from 2:00 to 3:30 PM in the Fireside Room in the Fellowship Hall.

The current class is meeting on September 8, 22, & 29; October 13 & 20; and November 3.

If you would like to take the class but are not able to attend during the scheduled timeframe, please let the pastor know so that he can put something on the schedule that would work for you.

Videos from God Connect will also be part of the class.  To watch the videos online, click on God Connects.

We will answer questions like:

  • What are our rules for interpreting the Bible?

  • What happens to us after we die?

  • Why do we baptize babies?

  • Why is communion so important to us?

We will also strive to answer your specific question.